Who am I?

It was a stormy night as Ray continued to shuffle in his sleep. The rain-drops crashed against the windows of the shack that Ray called home. Located in New York was a tiny little studio that Ray had spent nearly all his teenage years in, always trying to make a name, to find a companion who could share his grief and help him get back on his feet.3 years had passed since he last saw his mother, as the wind continued its onslaught shaking the very foundation of the old clammy building. His Dad had never been there for him, it had always been his Mother but with her gone Ray was all on his own, alone.

Ray was a freelance designer, without a professional degree nobody paid much interest to what the boy had to offer, nobody gave a second look to his work, not that it wasn’t good but just that nobody wanted to take the risk of offering a job to a newbie. Nobody gave Ray a chance to prove himself. But that wasn’t the only problem that crippled Ray’s life, as the heaven wept Ray continued to shuffle in his sleep as if hiding a pain, a secret, a burden chaining a bubbly teen from taking flight.

He had 2 years to repay his Dad’s debt to the sharks or else they would seize the palatial house they owned in Beverly Hills, the last remaining memory he had of his Mother and the time he spent with her. Ray hadn’t always been in this despicable state. His Mother was a prominent event manager of Hollywood and Ray had seen the most lavish of times but such was the ruthless decree of the Lord, the very same child now scrapped three meals a day, as the screech of the heavens tore through a moonless dark night illuminating the sky for a second, a spark that was so much needed in Ray’s dreary life.

Ray opened his eyes, awoken by a phone call. Half-asleep he checked the time-2:30 A.M. “Who could be calling me now?” thought Ray. Nevertheless he picked up the phone. “Hello?” “Is that Ray Summers?” “Yes, speaking, go on please” “Sir, we have found something; you need to get down here ASAP” “Hello? But where…WHERE?!” But the only reply Ray got was static, a never ending static. Uneasiness crept over him, Ray began to sweat profusely, as a tiny droplet of pure rain struggled its way down the window pane.”Must be for some other Ray Summers”, pushing the thoughts of this unusual incident, Ray once again tried to sleep. Tried to forget his worries and sleep, once again remember his Mother, envision her halo watching over him. But it was all a dream, yet Ray so wished it wasn’t.

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