The AAP Effect

Okay, before I begin this post, I’d like to clear the air around my political orientation (if any exists). I am not apolitical yet I am not a fanatic. In clear and simple terms, I believe the picture that is NOT shown to the people and pursue rational before Saffron., I’d rather clean my thought process than clean the streets with an imaginary ‘broom’.

Pan into Delhi (the capital of India),
What the Aam Aadmi Party has managed to do is not upset a political behemoth nor has it managed to script an amazing debut, it has managed to create a portal for the Indians to enter the murky allies of politics. It is a known fact that in India, politics is not a profession but a game, a certain kind of roulette that only the wealthy and mafia juggernauts can afford to play and again winning is not a sure-shot. A risk that most Indians will not and CANNOT take. Why? We are busy fighting off the tears arising from a sheer lack of a decent life (and ofcourse, the ONIONS!)

Seeing a party rise to such heights by a political novice is heart warming for the youth of the country who are so flustered watching the Hollywood flicks that they actually believe they too can run for mayor!

But relax! The light at the end of the tunnel is lambent (even though the MCD sucks at what they do). There is still hope, the tide is changing- al thanks to the simple ‘topi’.

To be absolutely candid, everyone wants to be Kejriwal (and no one Anna!- no offence). But the truth is still unseen and the questions remain unanswered- What means did Kejriwal adopt in order to get this success? Was it a con or was it a miracle?
These questions remain unanswered and I leave it to YOU to decide and debate.

Yes, your opinion COUNTS (unlike the voting :P)

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