The Dimming Light


My first few steps outside remind me of Satan. My journey into the open world, paints a dreary picture. A picture of torment, a picture of despair. But without a definite vision, my life is guided by the bright light-commanding me when to stop and when to move forward. My patience is drawing thin.

A world I once had a glamorous niche in refuses to recognize me and she? She is nowhere to be found. She was the first face I wanted to see but I couldn’t spot her amidst the dozens of stunned faces. All of whom had the same question written all over their expressionless less faces-How is he alive? Yes, I live. Yes, I can walk the dusty road millions call home but I die within. I die without her by my side. I can still die for her, promise her to bring the stars but seems my frail body and aching soul defy my claims, raising a question . Who am I now?

I can’t feel the morning sun’s soothing heat..
I can’t smell the morning dew…
I am no longer handsome..desired…godly neat…
A shackled missing fragment….forget the past..Start anew

This world will be tougher to live in without her. The cogwheels of time screech to a painful halt. The pangs hurt me, binding me, stopping me from moving on. Her smile still is a vivid image in my head. Probably she is the only one I remember. Her face is the only thing I can recall.

Who am I? What is my name? Where do I belong? Am I even human?!

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