It Just Happened

The sun was shining bright while the horizon bled scarlet, today was the day. Today she would take the decision, a decision that would decide the fate of my heart. I was madly in love with her, I couldn’t define the feeling to be exact-a friend told me it was love, I agreed. The truth is I couldn’t stay away from her.

The moment drew closer, she would finally tell me. My heart beat was frantic, pulse racing as a droplet of sweat coagulated on my forehead and made it’s way to the corner of my mouth. Salty. Apparently, the sweat wasn’t enough to hydrate my dry throat. I was afraid. Scared. Terrified.
What would be her answer? This question ate away at my soul.

The moment arrived and I am sure I must have passed out for a second or two. The area around me suddenly felt hotter and I was sweating. She seemed to notice something was wrong, she reached out to hold my hand and clenched it tightly as she whispered- “Yes…”

Did she actually say yes? Was she actually agreeing to be with me? I was elated and almost kissed her. Awkward…..
I pretended I just wanted to hug her and surprisingly she didn’t mind as she lay into the hug and embraced me tightly. I could see people passing by and giving us a stare but we didn’t care at least I didn’t.
She finally let go off of her hold and we just looked eye to eye. All I could see was an endless enigma, a different magic, a surreal charm.

She was about to go as I suddenly kissed her….I don’t know what got into me. I wasn’t thinking. She retracted immediately, she seemed startled. Again, she looked me in the eye….that enigma lost..the charm missing …all I could see was a question…

Did I doom my own fate? Did I?

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