The Rainbow Brigade

The Supreme Court of the great Indian democratic system has taken 50 shades of grey way too seriously! They have ruled to drain out the pink, the azure and all such colors from our lives! The freedom choice has been ripped from our hands and yes, a new dawn arises! A dawn with no rainbows. No choice. No freedom. Absolute imprisonment.

The law disallowing same sex coitus is stupid and downright authoritarian. It is against the ideals of democracy and the very ideals this ‘great’ nation WAS built on. Now, it’s on a crumbling path- decaying it’s own foundation.
Freedom. Lost.
Humans, that what we are and just because some choose to live in a different way doesn’t make them any different. Sad part is- we can embrace the idea of mutants, adore our friendly aliens but we can’t respect fellow humans.
What I cannot fathom is till when will we be told what to do and how to live? When will we be truly free?

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