In Search of The End

Sacrifice. They tell me sacrifice of life is the most precious gift for a beloved, suits me too because at the fork that I stand-I have no mortal possessions to part with.

Where is he? Where is Satan? Does he not have outlets and franchise chains in every metropolitan? When distressed beings like me come searching, willing to sell their soul in return for one wish.

Norah, somebody told me was her name. India, somebody told me is where I belong. Lost, nobody can hear my cries.

Death now seems a better bargain than this aimless life. Norah..honor lost….I am weak….distraught……

Trepidation grips me. Paralyzing me from within, eating away at my soul. Fear of moving forward. Fear of hitting another dead end.
The missing shards of my life are nowhere to be found. Maybe seeking the Satan is a goal I can work on? The Acropolis has obviously forgotten about this mortal liability. Penance be paid for sins of another life, A life I just awoke from. I have no clue who I was, But her face? Her scent still lingers around me. Where are you?

Are you happy? Are you even alive? Why don’t you seek me the way I do?

Maybe the Satan has answers…

I move forward….weak…
My future dark and bleak…
The shards of my broken life….
The journey is too long….this search is full of strife …..

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