The Cry of A Dying Imagination


Every morning sun that I see reminds of a face that I don’t remember. It beckons back to my memory, a time which I can no longer visualize. It reminds me of that cherubic face which has somehow been mutilated by the savage hounds of time. The barbaric intensity of the cogwheels of time has paralyzed my mind and fazed my sub conscious beyond recollection. Putting back the pieces of my broken soul will take an eternity but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be it.

All I know is that she deserves the best and that if she remains happy I will find happiness in the cruelest moments of my short lived life. Her breath has been my elixir till now but with her gone, her face is all I had but the unseen force took it away. Raped my soul and now all that remains is a burnt paradise and ruins of a once majestic self.

She never realized how much she meant to me but that’s how it is meant to be and shall stay the same. She isn’t coming back into my arms and nor was she ever there. My reality had been clouded by a colorful imagination which no longer stands by my side. I used to find solace in the tiny little memories of picturing myself with her happily ever after, but seems that will now only remain somewhere within the almighty’s grasp while I wither here in this cold and painful reality, strewn like a fallen angel and forgotten like an unwanted weed. But truth be told even weed is the alimighty’s creation. Agreed, I no longer serve a purpose but  I too have a beating heart and an aching soul. Faintly, I lose my life and my vitals bottom.

But she is happy, laughing, like I never existed. My new life will start like this I never pictured.. All I did was sleep and dream. And I awoke to a ghastly reality something even my erstwhile powerful sub-conscious couldn’t picture.

The devil makes his move to recruit me, Lucifer calls my name out but I resist. I will not surrender till the last bits of her aren’t sucked out of my head.

This coma hasn’t weakened me so much as of yet….

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