This uncertain journey that I’ve set myself on is plagued with chaos and the fear of oblivion. Is it logical to forego a certain future for the promise of a better tomorrow? A promise that has so many bells and whistles that sometimes it becomes impossible for the average human mind to comprehend.
Yes, I am not a born genius, I do not have a Mensa worthy IQ yet I dare to dream. Yet I aim to crack one of the toughest exams in the world. Yes, you may think that I am crazy- you would not be wrong in doing so.
In such dark and uncertain times, sometimes my own flesh and blood doubts me.

I am confused as to whether this journey has an end, whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So much effort, hours of tireless effort, memories of which are now drowned in sweat and blood. But yet I cannot be confident of success.

Yes, this seems like a rant post but it’s one of the truest and most heartfelt posts I have ever made. This is the turmoil my mind is in right now. And there seems no definitive cure, just a promise. Hope of a dream coming true. A streak of light in an otherwise moonless night sky.

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