Procrastination, Akrasia and The Devil.

Haven’t we all felt that sudden urge to achieve something? Haven’t we all been motivated beyond a shred a doubt that we will achieve our dreams?

…But a few minutes and a phone call later, we have forgotten about our life changing goal and forgotten about the foolproof plan we had drafted only minutes ago. What happens next? We do the same exercise over and over again until time no longer remains or the activity has lost its sheen and importance.

Ever wondered why this happens? Why does procrastination get the better of us every time?

Well Pablo Picasso knew about this and hence said:

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone

All of us what to be productive. All of us want to ‘get things done’. But a certain force grips and entangles us to the point where procrastination gets the better of us and our aspirations are sacrificed to the devil as fuel.

To be honest, there is an explanation. No human being is born defective or is beyond repair.

Akrasia is the state of lacking command over oneself and acting against one’s better judgment.
But why does this happen? Have we every wondered why our goals never succeed? It’s because of the nature of our goals.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

The key lies in setting small goals. Small targets that seem achievable. Set small goals and reward yourself for achieving them. More often than not our goals are so big that the time between the effort and reward seems like a chasm and distance infinite. At this point Akrasia kicks in. We tend to award lesser and lesser priority to the larger task. We see more merit in doing something that gives us instant or quick rewards.

Larger the goal, lesser the priority

What seems like an absurd theory now will validate itself over the course of self introspection. Why do we get attracted towards a quick shot of caffeine and not a longer yet natural alternative? Why do we prefer to watch and reward ourselves with a little talk on the phone with a friend? Why do we see merit in watching an episode of our favorite sit-com now rather than studying, knowing fully well time lost is gone forever? Because we see an immediate reward and instant pleasure.

Thus set smaller goals and set out to achieve them. Set up a reward system for achieving the goal and trust me your productivity will skyrocket.

To sum up this article, I’d like to say our natural ability to learn, think and reproduce later on is equal at birth. However, like a machinery our minds need to be oiled taken care off and managed by skilled individuals. An advanced machinery in the hands of an unskilled person is as good as wasted. We must therefore develop this skill of getting things done and slay the devil i.e. Akrasia!

To Battle Men!

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