Systematic Personality Breakdown.

Let’s just not put a face to this tale. Without a face and a name this story shall have a larger, more universal impact.

There was a boy. Bubbly, cheerful and brimming with confidence he had a dream- to be successful. Well, to be honest, he wasn’t your local heartthrob or your science class genius; he was just a regular, average guy who didn’t get a lot of attention but still managed to scrape through. He could smile because he knew he had people behind him. There were times when he was ridiculed for his looks, his crooked teeth,  his eyes. Nothing was perfect. But oh the boy was confident! Unfazed by the constant barrage, he persevered.

Bad looks. Worse grades. Disappointment. He had to do something for the sake of his family, his parents. He tried hard, tried ceaselessly to please them, to be the son they wanted. But as the cogwheel of time spun, that childish confidence got lost in the cobwebs of society. He now paid attention to looks and a hundred other useless things. He was breaking inside but he didn’t have the attention span left to  focus on that. The years had also dawned upon his parents and their she wasn’t the only thing changed. The boy witnessed a colossal drop in love and affection. No one cared anymore. It was just a waiting game and he felt neglected. The only time that he did indulge in small talk with parents, it aas either retaliating to a taunt his father passed or struggling with mother to make her understand that it wasn’t his fault.
But it wasalways his fault. Always.

He got gagged, disallowed to speak. Emotionally,physically and mentally it was a systematic failure. An orchestrated concert.

Now I know his parents might not have planned it but sure as well executed thee Systematic Personality Breakdown. One fight at a time!

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