Dewdrops On The Parched Grass

How does it feel like to be taken for granted? When everyone you care about considers you a permanent fixture, when you put in more efforts than you would like to but yet the return isn’t enough?
It pains.

Throughout life, people take each other for granted. I ,for one, have been affected gravely. Every cherished relationship has taken me for granted. Be it my sibling or for that matter my beau. Things have escalated beyond tolerance in the recent times, Even going out my way for friends, putting my entire life force behind them. And what do I get it return? NOTHING and then some.

Even my beau who I though would stand by me in thick and thin has decided it’s okay for me to be thrown around. It’s okay for her to decide when it is right to feel happy and when it is legitimate to rip me apart. My word which held weight has now been reduced to a single term lost amidst the boring Terms and Conditions, useless. Even though I try my level best to survive this, convincing myself that it is a temporary state of affairs but it’s been happening for such a long time I have forgotten what it felt like otherwise.

But the rant one side, what is the purpose of this post?

Never let someone trample over your self respect, don’t take a decision or associate with someone that makes you combust within. Any relationship that makes you want to implode is trouble. Seems obvious, right? Sadly, this is one of the toughest things to do. Letting people go, choosing whom to associate with is a task driven by the heart and not the brain and thus prone to wrong decisions.

But what we must do is always maintain a barrier, a shield of sorts to prevent daggers straight to the heart. Be very careful before you bring this shield down for anyone.

But most of all, stay happy 🙂

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