The Fleeting Fantasy

Sometimes in life we are presented with options, options to choose what is best for us. But such is the enigma of the human mind that the resultant decision is seldom logical and often hard to justify.
Chiefly, the aspect of choosing who one associates with is most concocted. Be it falling in love or simply a team member. People are deceitful and the human mind naive.

Sometimes we associate so much to someone or something that we make it our prime priority but it’s reciprocation is generally absent. And it is in this moment that one wonders whether his decisions were right or wrong but by then it’s generally too late. We get sucked into the abyss of emotion and be witness to our own fantasies passing through our fingers like sand. Nothing more than a fleeting fantasy.

If there is something that everyone should do is never to put their guard down because this makes one vulnerable, open to hurt but most of all, confused and distraught with pangs of being ignored, sidelined but worst of all- Forgotten.

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