Together. Yet Lonely

A strange feeling creeps up my spine. Nothing said, nothing done. Yet this crimson haze clouding my vision refuses to relent. My Acropolis besieged, chimera ruthlessly murdered. This strange chill paralyses me as the Kerberos reaches for my singed soul.

Together yet lonely. Sentenced to an exile I didn’t deserve, given a gift I didn’t ask for. A gift that traps, enchains. Many may see this as random words stringed together without logical coherence but the soul doesn’t know the art of presentation, only the truth. Unfiltered, crass yet far-reaching. An arrow straight through the heart, shredding the fabric of what the mortal world defines as happiness.

They tell me I should be happy, I have years behind me. Years spent in joy and merriment but who knew bonds like their financial counterparts had an expiry date. My only qualm? Where is my ROI?

I ask you people in a similar holding, is time so valuable and an asset that needs a lock and key? Not to be shared with anyone but oneself?! Am I too idealistic to deserve a place on this godforsaken realm? Are my expectations to lofty?

These questions eat my insides corrupting not just my peace but my view about this world in general. This phase in life makes me cynical.

I yearn for a way out. Freedom.

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