Comfort, Coffee and Code

While most of my readers won’t be familiar with this kind of an article appearing on this blog, I’ve always maintained that I write about whatever makes me happy and eventually (and hopefully) my readers happy!

I am a point in life where change has become a part of my daily life. You all know I moved to a new city due to better career prospects and this in itself has brought a new thought process, a new desire has spawned to be a better individual when I return to my peeps back home. All of a sudden there is this desire to an upgraded version of myself and this has created an invisible sheath of pressure over me.

At the centre of this Project Re-invent, yourself is my ability to code (I shall write about the other major ones in future posts).

I want to increase my skills at all things tech so that I can convince myself that I am doing the right thing moving to a new city solely for career opportunities and what better way to increase your chances of a better employment than to practice the trade you are involved in and that for me is programming.

But the point I want to drive home from this post is that one should always upskill themselves. What drives you? What tickles your fancy? It can be the smallest of goals or as radical as conquering the world (I wouldn’t recommend that though!) But the point is- that it can be anything that you wish to achieve. We have to continue to work towards it and improve ourselves. If we are not learning new things nearly every day, we are sure to be left behind, this world is, after all, a ruthless place to be in.

Be a savage, be a winner. Go out there and get what you want and deserve. Hit the medal on the pedal and let’s roll!

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