The Broken Hourglass

What was said, how was it done?
Was it all just plastic and mere fun?
Did you choke the butterflies that once fluttered?
Is the chemistry lost, have the words been uttered?

Time forgotten, feelings lost…
Do you realise the colossal cost?
The decision you want to make…
Are you ready to give me this pain?

Is it all about what you feel?
For you, is this such a small deal?
These questions I ask you, confessions of a Sunday mass..
Under the shadow of this broken hourglass

This is not a game of dolls,
The humans are real, they do take a fall
Words hurts, actions cripple,
Is making the call just so simple?

I urge you to see reason,
Love is life not just a season
It just doesn’t go away, it doesn’t pass
Find reason from the shards of this broken hourglass

The sand spilled on the floor,
When you decided to walk out the door.
You are making your way to a deadly pass,
And I am reduced to watching you from the cracks in the broken hourglass

The pain is real, the feelings are true
How many more sins are you willing to accrue.
Love is not a joke, don’t be so crass
I am right there where you left me, lying on the broken hourglass

My skin has been pierced, my soul has been shattered,
Blood flows out of my veins as I lie bruised and battered.
How much of my mortal remains are you willing to amass?
As you leave me crying trying to piece together the broken hourglass?

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