The Clarion Call

They say love is eternal. Is it? They say people are always the same. Are they? The crossroads at which life has put me today, makes me ask a question to each and everyone out there- Is love real?

To be honest, these past few days have been the worst for me. I have seen the worst of humanity coming from the closest of people, ones that I considered my heart and soul. People that have been my heartbeat have shown me their true colors but you know what makes me even more morose? The fact that I still have hope in their humanity. I still feel that they will realize the colossal mistake that their are about to commit. The very same people that I still have hope for have disrespected me, treated me like trash- the very people that I have cared for and kept their wishes above mine. Has the world become so self centered and cruel?

To be fair, I know they are are following what their heart is telling them but sometimes the heart wavers and doesn’t show you the right path. Sometimes the heart is clouded by feelings that will not do us any good. I believe in the adage of following one’s heart but should one follow the heart when a well-wisher is screaming at you that the step you are about to take will lead you to the path of sadness and destruction. Is choice such a rigid part of one’s character that one is ready to risk their well-being and embrace peril?

Now comes the question of morality and ethics, do they come so cheap? At one end you have someone who has given you their breath and sweat and always worked towards your happiness and at the other end of this grim spectrum stands a character being masked with lust, want and desire. Is lust more powerful than love? Has the battle finally been lost and love has lost? Our thoughts written in concrete? Can thoughts and emotions not be controlled? I ask you this, Lord, is the world so shallow and plastic?
Yes, I know that I have no right to question the morality or choices that one makes but should I just stand beside the person and see them jump into a pool of lava, can they not see that what they perceive as unicorns and rainbows is actually a deathtrap full of lies, deception and tears?

I still have hope, is that a weakness? I still believe that they will come around and reason the right from the wrong and take the right call but what if they don’t? This gut wrenching feeling is what kills me inside. How can sentiments and emotions be so cheap? Is it all about one’s own likes and wants. What about the synergy of this mortal world. There has to be a balance that needs to be maintained.
I know I have follies and the only weapon I have are these words and nothing more. I know those people will still call me a keyboard warrior and weak of spine but I wish they could for once step into my shoes and experience what I am living right now and only then try to reason what I am doing as right or irrational.

I know I am acting weak at this juncture by calling them out like this but is it too much too ask to consider the time gone by? Is it too much to ask to reason and deliberate as to what must be done. While I fully understand, there is no right and wrong in matters of the heart but we must reason. Not every cocoon that our heart bears should be allowed to transform into a butterfly. Who knows that cocoon might harbor demons we might not be able to handle. Is desire and want so strong that the Pandora’s box must be opened again. We all know how that ended.

Reason. Listen. There is a lot more to this life and world than a mere impulse

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