Have you experienced pain first hand? I have. It is when someone you love so dearly shears your soul into tiny fragments of unrecognisable nature.

Pain is a gut wrenching feeling that doesn’t let sleep come easy, it is that thought at the back of one’s mind pushing them to relive memories of a time gone by, forcing them into a loop of torment.

Pain is watching the perpetrator laugh and smile with someone else while they ignore and disregard you. Pain is seeing the difference in which they reply to you and others.

Pain is knowing that you can fix things and not being given a chance. Pain is the poison being thrust down your throat by the one who happens to be your everything.

Pain is a stab in the back, an arrow through the heart. Pain is seeing your Acropolis laugh at you while you perish. Pain is seeing your loved one dream about their happiness over the bedrock of your ashes.

Pain is waking up every morning with a shaking hand and aching legs. Pain is walking slower than you used too. Pain is wanting to end things and press the restart button but still being forced to witness it all.

Pain is seeing cruelty ooze from the person you held so dear, all this for their happiness and desires. Pain is seeing your castle crumble before your eyes.

Pain. What is pain?

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