And So It Begins..

A lot of you might be wondering why am I writing this? Well, the deal is fairly simple. Certain events in life have inspired me to do this. The events that transpired broke me from the inside but I believe that was needed since I had complacent of the position I had in life. People very close to me told me repeatedly to mend my ways but I didn’t listen to them and it led to this happening. As I stand alone at this juncture in life and I wonder do I have a way forward? The path ahead seems dark and dreary but I am willing to do this. For the ones I love and for myself.

It’s been such a long time since I have had this motivation to do something amazing in life and these events no matter how cruel or breaking they are have taught me one thing- Love and feelings are transient. Love isn’t immune to atrocities of changes in personality.

Nothing is safe. But I must use this as a factor to push myself forward. I know there is still hope. And I, Arjun Narain, will fight for it till my last breath because I know the reasons and the outcome is worth fighting for.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting little victories here on this blog. Please be kind. Many of the things I will do or attempt to do will be the first for me.

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