Your Sun Kissed Face..

As I close my eyes, a shadow appears amidst the darkness,
A shadow with a sparkling aura and a heavenly dress.
Enrapturing my soul and captivating my mind,
That momentary experience is surreal, one of it’s kind.

I do not wish to open my eyes and face the reality,
In that shadow, I want to set myself free!
Most will not understand this feeling,
Or the peace and happiness it does bring.

I wish I could explain what I think,
Or why I push myself to the brink.
But as I focus further the shadow has wings,
As the shadow decides to fly away, it stings!

The pain is too much to handle for I know there might be no coming back,
All I wish from the almighty is to give me the strength to get back on track.
The shadow once was my strength and I wish the same once again,
To remember the good times and not get crippled with the pain!

I might sound morose and appear fallen from grace,
But how do I forget the sun kissed face?
How do I fill the gaping hole? This empty space?
How do I stop loving the sun kissed face?

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