Stares, Synergy and A Secret

Pull me closer, Aryan. Make me yours. “Whose are you, Urvashi?” Yours. For and forever.

As the clouds roared outside, the tiny droplets of rain coagulated on the window to form a larger body of water rushing towards it’s peril, engulfing whatever came in it’s path. A behemoth hellbent on destruction.
A lightning later, Aryan was jolted up from his sleep. shaken.

Another night, another sleepless night.

Aryan was strong not because he was brought up this way but because time had made him numb to trials and tribulations. Life was cruel and Aryan had become cold. A frigid soul residing in an empty body. Lifeless.
But these days he was feeling a new found warmth, no it wasn’t the heat outside but the heat within that was calling out Aryan’s inner child. A child he had brutally forgotten these past few months, a child that had once driven Aryan’s dream of a Utopian life now lay unattended. This very child now suddenly had a new lease of life. Why? Aryan didn’t know the answer nor did he want to know. He felt good.

The usual routine meant that it was now time for office. Aryan got ready, the same uncaring way he had done these past few months, not like anyone was looking. One hour and several painful thoughts later Aryan reached office. The ride to office was painful, not because of the traffic but because it was empty and Aryan had time to think. A time that Aryan dread because it flew him back to the betrayal.

Did you sleep with him? Yes, I did. Urvashi, how could you? Didn’t you remember me? Listen, Aryan! This is literally none of your business. I can have sex with him as much as I want, I can bloody well make his babies!

Babies…Aryan loved them. He had always dreamed of having one of his own. Something that had once excited him now gave him immense pain not because of the nature of the act itself but because now an uncouth memory had associated itself with it, perforce.

Today office was a bit different. There was something in the air that was pulling Aryan towards the vortex of uncertainty. Aryan had forgotten whether his body was capable of handling such a range of emotions.. He had basically lost the hope of something exciting to look forward too. But today was different.

She looked perfect. Her hair, her eyes- Apoorva. Little did Aryan know that this name would bring about so many changes in his life,

They say work is worship and Aryan has firmly believed in this tenet ever since he came of age. Putting his all in his work, didn’t make his realise how time had passed in office. One commit and an angry Rashmi later, Aryan saw himself standing in the balcony with Rashmi and Apoorva. As usual, Rashmi went about herself and her problems- trivial thought Aryan. Rashmi was a little child who needed constant attention.

Soon Rashmi departed and it was just the two of them, alone and an awkward space separated the two of them. Aryan felt strange. A very strange urge to speak to her came over Aryan and he initiated the conversation.

Trust is a very funny thing. It bonds. Trust is bestowed easily but earned after a lot of effort. Aryan wanted to trust her and as always didn’t think before doing it.

“Apoorva, you’re a nice person” , “Thanks Aryan!”. “There is something I would like to tell you”, said Aryan. “Go ahead na! I’d love to hear it, I’d also like to tell you something.”

Two secrets shared, eyes met. Love happened.

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