Different Ends. Same Beginnings.

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life?
Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of life?
Have you ever wondered what is the goal of life?

I, too have, spent endless hours trying to figure out the answers to the above mentioned questions but I always drew a blank. But a series of fateful events and a jolt of maturity later, I have to grasp some bits and pieces of knowledge in the regard and the same I wish to pass onto you, my readers.

Life is difficult, we all know it. Life is cruel, we all have experienced it. But we also know that life is forgiving and that life will always give a second chance to us, to redeem ourselves. And yes, life will always be just even if it seems awfully unfair at the moment. Life is always come-around-full-circle.

We must persevere through the tough times and aim to flourish when the time is right. It is with this belief that we all wake up every morning. It is with this hope we sleep every night, not knowing whether we will get up the next day or not. But we survive each day, each night and become stronger. Life is nothing but this. A survival game that is testing us at the tough levels and will become easier when we become acquainted with its vagaries. It is at this moment that life like any other game will prompt us to increase the difficulty level and it is at this point that we have to choose, easy or rewarding?

Do we want different ends but with the same beginnings?

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