Let’s Handle It!

Let’s face it people, love handles aren’t great, especially if you’re a 20 something youngster who has his entire life ahead of himself. The worst bit is that not only do these love handles look ugly as fuck, they are also precursors to an impending ailing future riddled with health issues.

So yeah, like every other nerd engaged in the software industry, I too found myself fat and ugly. The body shaming was subtle but painful. The camouflaged taunts ripped my soul apart. The decision had to be taken. Now let me call this out at the onset itself, I am not a fitness Guru nor am I ripped. I am fat.

But what I wish to share with the readers of the blog is my journey. I want you guys to be a part of this journey as I sojourn into the unknown and try to do the unthinkable. Trying to achieve something that nobody believes I can. Be fit. Now, I am not one of those self aware and fulfilled guys, I want to lose weight and have muscle to show for it. I don’t conform to the fit inside ideology, I want to be ripped.

You know the funny part? Standing at around 90 Kgs, not many people think I can do this but I have to for some people in my life that believe in me. I want to do this for them. Loyal readers of this blog know that I tried embarking on this journey earlier this year but failed miserably. Why? Because the motivator of that effort was agony, grief and at the core, hatred. We all know negative emotions are short lived and so is the motivation born out of it. Hence, this time I am motivated positively and will achieve this feat no matter what happens. It’s now or never for me.

I will be posting updates about my journey, be it scale or non-scale victories.

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