Care, Caress and A Car

Ever since Aryan had heard her secret, there was something different he was feeling. Not that Aryan pitied her or anything – he himself had seen way too much in his life to pity something like this, to pity a choice that Apoorva had consciously taken but her aura had a different chi.

Her energy reminded Aryan of his own. An energy that once drove Aryan but the vagaries of had forced Aryan to block that bubbling force out. But her, she was different. Her strength and her accompanying smile perplexed Aryan. She stood as an enigma, one that Aryan was hellbent on solving but how? The journey from knowing her secret and possibly gaining her trust to making her his was a long one, filled with pitfalls and challenges. The biggest hurdle? Apoorva, herself.

Loneliness does do a number on us. As Aryan lay on his bed in a dark room with Wham! playing in the background and a bottle of his trusted Old Monk by his bedside, he thought – What if? What if she becomes mine? What if I am able to see her true self and experience it first hand. The enigma, the exhilaration was driving him crazy. Friends? Aryan wanted more and he knew it. They say lust and love work in tandem, while Aryan was mesmerized by her thoughts and her attitude, her body…that was a different ball game altogether. She fit right into Aryan’s concocted choice pool. Most guys went after the adage bigger the better but not Aryan. For him, his partner needed to fit right into his hand, the nubile nature of the body to envelope Aryan’s soul, curves that would put an hourglass to shame and Aryan had found her- Apoorva, a barbie in reality.

He decided to start chatting her up and getting to know her more because if Aryan had realized one thing over time it was that love cannot be forced. it just happens. Conversations flowed, about love, life, marriage, food- the entire spectrum. And as far as Aryan is concerned- there was hope! Even though Apoorva had clearly stated that she had friendzoned him, Aryan was a fighter.

“Aryan, I really like talking to you”
“The pleasure is all mine, Apoorva”
“Umm…I know this is a bit forward…but can I accompany to your place?, just the car ride- we
can chat more”
“Sure, I don’t mind!”

Aryan did this not because he wanted to be close to her, he did but that’s not the point. He cared for her! He wanted to watch over her because if there is one thing that Aryan realized it was that beneath that rock solid exterior was a child, that needed love and care and Aryan for once felt what he had felt several years ago, a feeling to be her Acropolis and protect her from harm. These thoughts were playing frisbee in his mind when Apoorva called out- “Aryan, let’s go!”

The car journey was fun, they listened to songs together and got to know each other a bit more but then something happened. A surge of current went up Aryan’s spine and he did something he thought he would never do, he placed his hand over hers on the gearbox! And such was fate, Apoorva agreed, she flinched when Aryan did that. Not the bad kind but the one in which each neuron of your body responds, one in which your timid soul takes a leap.

That car journey proved to be the ice breaker that Aryan needed and as Aryan got out of the car he looked up at the moonless sky and thought to himself – Mum was right, partners are truly a godsend, no matter how much effort you put in or not, if it needs to happen it will.

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