Sometimes in life we are plagued with doubt about the future. Sometimes in life we are troubled with the thought of tomorrow. Sometimes in life we are scared with the remembrance of our past. This trepidation, this fear is all the holy giving of one and only one sentiment- Doubt.

Doubt is a lethal poison that nearly always proves fatal. The truth is that doubt eats away slowly at our best moments crippling us in the process, making us incapable of loving and cherishing the moments we have today. Sadly, faith is losing the war and doubt is headed towards a triumphant victory. But what we tend to forget that all that we do when captive in doubt is brood over what can happen and cry over what has happened.

It is at this time that we must show faith in our Acropolis. Everyone has one. A caring mother? A loving partner? A faithful dog? It could be anyone but faith is the key.

Doubt kills and faith restores, all we have to do is close our eyes and wait for it to pass and as my mother always tells me: This too shall pass, son.

Pass it will. Enjoy what you have now and leave the future to your better judgement and to your Acropolis. The energy will fix everything and if you truly want something, trust me someone out there is listening and your wish shall come true not because of divine intervention but because when we desperately want something so much then we do everything we can to hold it in our grasp and never let go. Have faith and don’t doubt yourself. You were better than you were yesterday and things are looking up. Be bright and believe.

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