Mungaru Male

Being in Bengaluru has its own effect, right? So what does the title really mean? It’s not about what its literal meaning but the range of emotions it evokes. The morning dew, the first rain of Monsoon, the sweet smell of petrichor all bring to mind love and life.

When you need someone so much in your life that their importance becomes tantamount to the first rain which is eagerly craved by the parched Earth. The need for the first cold breeze on a hot summer day. Mungaru Male, like the first rain, the person becomes the first and most important person in your life.

Does such love actually exist? Stuff that we read about in novels or watch in movies? Can such a fairytale ever manifest into a reality? Well, it can and the circumstances are weird at best. The road is never easy, there is wait, there is longing but the wait is justified by the end just like Mungaru Male. I too have been blessed with such a life and such a partner. She is as pure as the first monsoon, cleansing and purifying all that she touches. Quenching the thirst for care and concern of everyone she touches but I know she is headed for my farm where her touch will weave magic and bear fruit, I know she is destined to wash away my shortcomings and purify me as well just like Mungaru Male.

Her presence completes me and completes my circle of life, all the seasons of this life and she is the one I want to spend all the seasons with. The raindrops falling on my tired skin reminds me of her soothing touch and her magical powers to heal not just physical problems but also fix the one that nobody else can see. That is she- my Mungaru Male!

I wish that everyone meets someone like her in their lives as well so that they too may experience the joy of the first rain, so that they too can let go and spread their winds just like a peacock does. So they too can enjoy and live a happy life. So that they too can enjoy Mungaru Male!.

Stay strong and love freely. Let it rain!

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