For some the night might mean the end of the day, it might mark the closure of a productive day. For some, the moon might bring home the fact that there was not much to look forward to in the day now.

But for some, for me, this isn’t the case. Come every night, I wait for that one phone call. I earnestly wait to hear her voice. I eagerly look towards the clock which tells me how many minutes remain before I can peacefully call it a day. See, don’t get me wrong – that call isn’t an obligation but a need.

What started as a one-off thing has become a trend now. What started as an experiment has become an inseparable part of our lives. Every single night we both wait for that one call, we wait for that personal time where we both can share what has transpired during the day. Every night, we wait to share how our day went and to soothe each other’s frustrations and fears. To calm down the nerves that can crawl upon the peace of either one of us.

What I wish for every person out there – is to experience this feeling, to experience this surreal connection with someone. To trust and want someone so much that each moment with them becomes a ritual, where each small habit becomes a need.

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