Have you ever experienced a simple voice evoking a feeling of pure passion? A sound so mellifluous that it makes your heart flutter and skip a beat? Lucky are those that have a chance encounter with someone who can light that aura within them, a spark that resides inside every one of us but is seldom tapped — left unattended and uncared for during the most of their lives.

Well, I consider myself lucky. I have someone that can bring out the best in me. One simple syllable from them can recharge me no matter what the current state of mind might be.

There are not many times in life when what I feel is ineffable but this is one of those times, Haley’s comet in my life. I want to say many things but run out of words. Why? Because this is a feeling that needs to be experienced, to be felt, absorbed and relished.

So this is what I want to say to everyone reading this — seize the moment if you see it, embrace this person in your life and don’t let go because such a gem of a person is not rare but can be lost in a matter of seconds. Embrace their presence and cherish it with all the love and devotion that you possess.

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