About the Blog Owner


Hello There!

So you finally made it here, eh? Well, there is literally not much to tell you. There is a lot of insight into who I am as a person and what I do in my blog articles itself so head on there and give it a read.

However what I will share here is the vision with this blog and my life in general. I wish to see this blog being a source of inspiration for people stuck in a similar rut as I am in life. You see, we the John Does of the world never get enough love or attention, even when we do it is generally those who have actually transcended this category and generally recount their fat to fit or rags to riches story. Nobody talks about the failures, the difficulties, the number of times you give up.

So basically this blog and a soon to be launched youtube channel will serve as a source of true motivation. Not flash, instant motivation but slow motivation, percolating through the fabric of life, small victories which you can relate to and grow alongside and hopefully by the time this blog reaches its flux point, we have grown together!

So here’s to a brighter and more productive future- Together!

4 thoughts on “About the Blog Owner

    1. @Rishabh

      Thanks 🙂 But frankly, The blog is under construction currently. And ads will be placed when I have enough readership and a personal domain (maybe).
      Till then, Keep reading

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