About the Blog Owner

Where did I go?

That's ME! Yay! I am on your screen Now I am famous !!

Hell yeah! I own this page (or maybe WordPress does, but you get the gist, :-P)

Thanks for reading my blog till now (or trying to), I hope that you bless me with your continued readership.

I am a student pursuing  B.Tech in Information Technology. While I.T. is also a passion, I have keen interest in Digital Design, Writing and anything that oozes awesomeness!

I love to debate and delegate, and therefore, I participate in various Model UN conferences. The aim of my life is to do something amazing, something that satisfies my innate greed for success ( oh, yes I am greedy :P)

I believe in a simple policy – ‘ free needn’t be a compromise’, keeping this in mind, the purpose of this blog is to offer maximum quality and quantity that I can to my readers. As of now this blog is hosted on wordpress.com (yeah, have to keep them happy or else…) but I plan to move to private hosting as and when circumstances permit.

I have a keen interest in MMOs (for the ignorant –  MMO=Massively Multiplayer Online), I love interacting with people and trying to forge relationships based on trust and loyalty.
By now you might have noticed the subtle difference between this about page and most others – yes, this is first person because I believe my readers deserve more than just my time, and hence whatever that happens on this blog has a personal touch to it.

That’s enough self obsessed ranting (for now XD).
Enjoy reading!

Arjun Narain

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