Have you ever experienced a simple voice evoking a feeling of pure passion? A sound so mellifluous that it makes your heart flutter and skip a beat? Lucky are those that have a chance encounter with someone who can light that aura within them, a spark that resides inside every one of us but is … Continue reading Mellifluous


For some the night might mean the end of the day, it might mark the closure of a productive day. For some, the moon might bring home the fact that there was not much to look forward to in the day now. But for some, for me, this isn't the case. Come every night, I … Continue reading Night


Sometimes in life we are plagued with doubt about the future. Sometimes in life we are troubled with the thought of tomorrow. Sometimes in life we are scared with the remembrance of our past. This trepidation, this fear is all the holy giving of one and only one sentiment- Doubt. Doubt is a lethal poison … Continue reading Doubt