Sometimes in life we are plagued with doubt about the future. Sometimes in life we are troubled with the thought of tomorrow. Sometimes in life we are scared with the remembrance of our past. This trepidation, this fear is all the holy giving of one and only one sentiment- Doubt.

Doubt is a lethal poison that nearly always proves fatal. The truth is that doubt eats away slowly at our best moments crippling us in the process, making us incapable of loving and cherishing the moments we have today. Sadly, faith is losing the war and doubt is headed towards a triumphant victory. But what we tend to forget that all that we do when captive in doubt is brood over what can happen and cry over what has happened.

It is at this time that we must show faith in our Acropolis. Everyone has one. A caring mother? A loving partner? A faithful dog? It could be anyone but faith is the key.

Doubt kills and faith restores, all we have to do is close our eyes and wait for it to pass and as my mother always tells me: This too shall pass, son.

Pass it will. Enjoy what you have now and leave the future to your better judgement and to your Acropolis. The energy will fix everything and if you truly want something, trust me someone out there is listening and your wish shall come true not because of divine intervention but because when we desperately want something so much then we do everything we can to hold it in our grasp and never let go. Have faith and don’t doubt yourself. You were better than you were yesterday and things are looking up. Be bright and believe.

Courage To Dream: Lies Unchained

An abused wife, a traumatized daughter, a depressed mother? What is the cost of dreaming? What does it take to have the courage to dream? Is one supposed to live a lie and a half life and not dream of something complete? Many times in life God gives us a chance to dream and change our lives the way we see it and it is at this point, we have to choose to either live the rut we are living or branch out dream, to suffer silently or have the courage to dream.

“So you’re always honest,” I said.

“Aren’t you?”

“No,” I told him. “I’m not.”

“Well, that’s good to know, I guess.”

“I’m not saying I’m a liar,” I told him. He raised his eyebrows. “That’s not how I meant it, anyways.”

“How’d you mean it, then?”

“I just…I don’t always say what I feel.”

“Why not?”

“Because the truth sometimes hurts,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said. “So do lies, though.”

Sarah Dessen, Just Listen

The Anatomy Of A Lie

A lie, though might seem harmless to you, can wreck havoc in someone’s life. Not because the lie was big or a gamechanger but because the cost of trust is very high and the person that trusted you probably will never be able to do so again. The cost of belief is one that we cannot repay. A lie is based out of a single understanding that people can be fooled and this understanding itself is fueled by sheer overconfidence over one’s ability to convince but what a liar forgets is that the greatest empires have fallen on the backs of perceived reality. It is this perceived reality that causes a liar to feel that nothing can go wrong in his plan and that he will get away with it.

There are several reasons why people tell lies: to protect themselves from punishment or embarrassment, to protect their own fantasies about themselves, and to protect the feelings – or, in extreme cases, the lives – of others regardless of the purpose, “the desire to assume control over another human heart is the basis of most human lies”

Ordinary language is an accretion of lies

Susan Sontag

The language of literature must be, therefore, the language of transgression, a rupture of individual systems, a shattering of psychic oppression.

Unlike in literature, however, lies in life create rather than shatter “psychic oppression” — especially in a culture where the deadly fear of being wrong drives an exponential tragedy of cover-up lies after even the most benign of errors, a culture that then takes noxiously gruesome pleasure in devouring its fallen stars with far too little intelligent reflection.

The Impact Of A Lie

Trust broken, love forgotten, joy mortgaged but most of all- a soul sold! The impact of a single lie can be life threatening and this effect is accentuated if the other person trusts you blindly. Imagine, your partner lies to you that they are straight but when a holy union is solemnized the truth surfaces. What does the victim do then? The lie that was thrust into the face of the partner hit like a rocket at the speed of light. That feeling in itself can be soul shattering but how does the partner cope up now under the pressure and shadow of such a lie, can that person ever trust again? Well, they must! They must have the courage to dream because while the impact of a lie might seem life ending it is nowhere as profound as the impact of a good memory, a good memory is worth a thousand lies combined.

The person must replace the lie with a positive memory, this in itself is called positive psychotic reinforcement. But now the question arises, should the lie be forgotten?

I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Should we forget?

No. This is the simplest answer I can give but to be fair there are more layers to this answer than a simple no.

We must fight for what is right because that is true redemption, sometimes certain lies are so profound and life changing that only revenge can soothe our souls. Now I know some people might disagree with me by saying that to forgive is divine but the truth is most of us are not divine. We are humans and we feel emotions. We feel betrayed, we feel loved, we feel ignored. We cry. And revenge alone can pay the price of these tears.

Now I am not a proponent of revenge but I stand firmly behind getting what belongs to you and if in the course of living a lie perpetuated by someone close to you, you end up spending some resource then we have to claim it back! Monetary? Get it! Emotional? Absolve! Both kinds of resources should be claimed back and only then can we expect to be set free truly.

So, don’t be a silent sufferer. Unchain the lies and have the courage to dream. Fight till you feel better not on the outside but on the inside!

Different Ends. Same Beginnings.

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life?
Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of life?
Have you ever wondered what is the goal of life?

I, too have, spent endless hours trying to figure out the answers to the above mentioned questions but I always drew a blank. But a series of fateful events and a jolt of maturity later, I have to grasp some bits and pieces of knowledge in the regard and the same I wish to pass onto you, my readers.

Life is difficult, we all know it. Life is cruel, we all have experienced it. But we also know that life is forgiving and that life will always give a second chance to us, to redeem ourselves. And yes, life will always be just even if it seems awfully unfair at the moment. Life is always come-around-full-circle.

We must persevere through the tough times and aim to flourish when the time is right. It is with this belief that we all wake up every morning. It is with this hope we sleep every night, not knowing whether we will get up the next day or not. But we survive each day, each night and become stronger. Life is nothing but this. A survival game that is testing us at the tough levels and will become easier when we become acquainted with its vagaries. It is at this moment that life like any other game will prompt us to increase the difficulty level and it is at this point that we have to choose, easy or rewarding?

Do we want different ends but with the same beginnings?

The Temporary and The Permanent

There is an age old adage, change is constant. But the question arises, which changes one should welcome and which ones should he reject?

That is where the ever lasting fight between the temporary and the permanent comes to the fore. It is heightened by the current lifestyle the youth is leading. Fast, Reckless and Transient. But this lifestyle has an expiry date because while the temporary can entice it will never fulfill. In order to be fulfilled one must embrace the permanent. One must understand the nuances of life itself.

One must remember that the temporary heightens are ego and self-centred nature while the permanent grounds and binds us to the roots, brining us closer to the realities of life. Realities that make us a better person overall. It fulfills our core rather than pacifying our exterior. And we know for a fact that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Not people who have a strong exterior but whose core is strong and fuelled by support systems who don’t abandon at the first sight of trouble, people that promise to stay through the thick and thin irrespective of a person’s exterior. People who stay true to you even when the world calls you a liar. Why? These people are not stupid, they know you the way the world doesn’t. The know the person that made you and not as the person that the world sees you today.

The believe. They trust. But most of all they stand by you.

If you find such a person don’t let them go. Living in the temporary is like a drug. You won’t know it’s harmful till the damage is done, till your entire soul reeks of it and at that point you won’t be able to let go because then you would be addicted to it, living off of its surreal high but dying inside. Consuming whatever humanity you have left, pushing your well wishers away.

If you’re one of them, stop now. Stop because the road you are blazing across has a certain dead end. A wall that has no door.

Stop now while you can save your soul.

A New Beginning

Sometimes I wonder what does it take to leave behind one’s comfort zone and reach out to something more enticing and lucrative.

How beneficial is branching out to in search of better opportunities? I, too, stood at such a juncture exactly a month back, leaving behind my nest and branching out to a new city driven by a better professional opportunity. What did I leave behind?

Well, for starters, I left behind my nest- My Acropolis, family. I left a comfortable job where people knew me and valued my contributions, a workplace where I could recognize faces, laugh with them and share my most personal thoughts with them.  I left behind friends I would otherwise die for. Some might ask me, why?

And yes, behind this why lies the real reason for writing this article today. Why? Why did I do what I did? You see, survival and growth are what the human race was always meant to do. We’ve always been trained to do seek better pastures and survive. We always make our lives tougher by our own actions but this trait is what separates us from the other species inhabiting this planet0- we are fighters!  Look at it this way, we’ve always chosen the tougher path, that’s how we’ve become successful. And yes, I left a comfortable lifestyle for a tougher one, one which throws new challenges me every day and reminds me that I am just a very small fish in a vast ocean, a prey if you may. A prey ready to be hunted and feasted upon, my dreams and aspirations mere fodder for this unrelenting world- a hell we so naively christen a paradise. But like a firefly towards its own death, we get driven to this hell every single time. The intoxicating petrichor pulls us towards it, a petrichor muddled with the stench of sweat and blood.

But is it really that grim? No! Why? For we are fighters and are meant to thrive in such an environment. We grow and progress when pushed beyond our existing capabilities. And here I am, standing on the side of a busy road, waiting for the neon light blinking across the street to either blind me or show me the way. But I know whatever be the case, I will persevere because that’s what we humans do best- Survive.

So next time you are down and out or have your back against the wall, where nothing seems possible- remember it was all predetermined. We are meant to fight and find our own path and that we shall. You will emerge victoriously and when you do, you will stare back at that very moment and laugh- Yes, that was for the better.

Chin up and be strong,. Always.