Porn Ban. Freedom?

To clarify at the very outset, I am aware of the fact that the ban has been lifted left to the ISPs to decide. But this post isn’t about a solitary incident of banning porn websites in India but about a larger trend. About a alarming incident targeted at curbing personal freedom.

Constitutionally speaking, the ban violated Article 21 of the Indian Constitution (Personal Liberty). And this wasn’t a technicality but an outright violation, so much so the SC of the country refused to issue an interim ban because of this very article.
Now what worries me here is the swift and efficient nature in which bans are delivered and carried out in India. Within a day over 800 porn websites are banned and trust me for someone who frequents such websites for research, I didn’t even know the names of so many.This is a direct stopper on the personal liberty within the 4 walls of my own home.

Legally speaking, other than the Indian Penal Code, no other ruling can circumvent my privacy or prohibit my activities within my own home unless it is criminalized under the IPC. And the grounds of criminalizing something have to be rational and justifiable. These are some of the basic protections offered under a democracy to the people. This is what separates us from a savage dictatorship.
To be told what to do within my own home doesn’t sit well with me. Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people and we are electing representatives for our benefit and betterment of the country at large and NOT for the furtherance of any single ideology. The politicians and policy makers must understand that we are not electing kings or rulers and that whatever actions they take take will come back full circle.

Democracy isn’t for the furtherance of a single ideology.

I don’t really understand the reasons for banning porn. Now child porn I can understand. It is a crime under the Section 67B of the IT Act. But all forms of porn? Won’t work.

India has always been a diverse country and have celebrated it. We have celebrated unity in diversity.

India has celebrated unity in diversity.

Now why are we flinching from embracing this diversity? With changing times, the nature of diversity changes. With blurring communal and geographical boundaries, a new form of diversity is nestling in the care of the populace of this great nation. A diversity of culture and thought.

What this porn will do is act as a catalyst fueling curiosity. Just recently I saw a meme which ,Government banned 800 websites. Lifted the ban and now I know 800 websites, reflected the sentiment of the crowd. Now while we might sideline the meme as a simple joke. But jokes have a tendency to be the vent of the frustration of the people and probably one of the most democratic ways of voicing discontent.

The public assertion of certain notions of morality, and looking at everything that is ideologically inconvenient as “leftist” is worrying. In the pre-emergency days, Indira Gandhi possessed and promoted this paranoia, and we know what happened next. Are we witnessing signs of a movement that would strike “against the backwardness of the right and the destructiveness of the left,” as Mussolini said in 1921?


The Rainbow Brigade

The Supreme Court of the great Indian democratic system has taken 50 shades of grey way too seriously! They have ruled to drain out the pink, the azure and all such colors from our lives! The freedom choice has been ripped from our hands and yes, a new dawn arises! A dawn with no rainbows. No choice. No freedom. Absolute imprisonment.

The law disallowing same sex coitus is stupid and downright authoritarian. It is against the ideals of democracy and the very ideals this ‘great’ nation WAS built on. Now, it’s on a crumbling path- decaying it’s own foundation.
Freedom. Lost.
Humans, that what we are and just because some choose to live in a different way doesn’t make them any different. Sad part is- we can embrace the idea of mutants, adore our friendly aliens but we can’t respect fellow humans.
What I cannot fathom is till when will we be told what to do and how to live? When will we be truly free?