Love And Relationships

The Trap Of Love

It is true that love is the strongest feeling out there. A feeling that entices and mesmerises, a feeling that causes are brain to release neurons like it’s stoppage time.

The Oxytocin makes us go crazy. But you know the truth? Often we promise love and don’t really mean it. Often, we promise a lifetime of togetherness but don’t really mean it. Often, we swear on each other but shake hands with Satan behind their backs.

Why has love become so trivial? Even love, like everything else, has moved from Kantianism to Utilitarianism. No longer are people treated as the end but rather are treated simply as means to satisfy personal interests. Like the shrinking social structure, morality has also become nuclear in nature. No longer do people consider multiple facets before taking a decision, the focus is now on self satisfaction. While I appreciate this change, the freedom associated with it troubles me. People now treat other people just as ladders, as temporary engagements servicing a larger goal. This trend is alarming because it is slowly changing are existing relationships to mere capitalistic exchanges of the barter system.

People now trade feelings and emotions. Physical touch and closeness has now been pushed to the periphery where its importance has been reduced to mere nothingness- an activity that holds meaning for the limited minutes it lasts for. My only worry is what happened to all the lovely moments of love and passion, what happened to everything before and the cute after? The fast paced nature of how relationships are progressing begs only a single question- Is it the trap of love?

True love is elusive and it’s beautiful. Is Cupid playing mind games? Diverting us away from the right path and into the dark by-lanes of Hades? Is everyone’s fate is of Hephaestus?

At this juncture, I wonder. Will an old-school like me find true love? Will I find someone who cares for me the way I would care for them? Will I find someone for whom my physical appearance would matter less than my heart. Someone who would value my care rather than my career. Someone who would desire my soul rather than my success. Will I ever find someone like this in this rotting world where even relationships now have an expiry date?

I will not surrender for I am a firm believer. I will keep trodding along and believing in justice of the almighty. My time will come. If you’re reading this, I will find you 🙂


The Temporary and The Permanent

There is an age old adage, change is constant. But the question arises, which changes one should welcome and which ones should he reject?

That is where the ever lasting fight between the temporary and the permanent comes to the fore. It is heightened by the current lifestyle the youth is leading. Fast, Reckless and Transient. But this lifestyle has an expiry date because while the temporary can entice it will never fulfill. In order to be fulfilled one must embrace the permanent. One must understand the nuances of life itself.

One must remember that the temporary heightens are ego and self-centred nature while the permanent grounds and binds us to the roots, brining us closer to the realities of life. Realities that make us a better person overall. It fulfills our core rather than pacifying our exterior. And we know for a fact that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Not people who have a strong exterior but whose core is strong and fuelled by support systems who don’t abandon at the first sight of trouble, people that promise to stay through the thick and thin irrespective of a person’s exterior. People who stay true to you even when the world calls you a liar. Why? These people are not stupid, they know you the way the world doesn’t. The know the person that made you and not as the person that the world sees you today.

The believe. They trust. But most of all they stand by you.

If you find such a person don’t let them go. Living in the temporary is like a drug. You won’t know it’s harmful till the damage is done, till your entire soul reeks of it and at that point you won’t be able to let go because then you would be addicted to it, living off of its surreal high but dying inside. Consuming whatever humanity you have left, pushing your well wishers away.

If you’re one of them, stop now. Stop because the road you are blazing across has a certain dead end. A wall that has no door.

Stop now while you can save your soul.

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Your Sun Kissed Face..

As I close my eyes, a shadow appears amidst the darkness,
A shadow with a sparkling aura and a heavenly dress.
Enrapturing my soul and captivating my mind,
That momentary experience is surreal, one of it’s kind.

I do not wish to open my eyes and face the reality,
In that shadow, I want to set myself free!
Most will not understand this feeling,
Or the peace and happiness it does bring.

I wish I could explain what I think,
Or why I push myself to the brink.
But as I focus further the shadow has wings,
As the shadow decides to fly away, it stings!

The pain is too much to handle for I know there might be no coming back,
All I wish from the almighty is to give me the strength to get back on track.
The shadow once was my strength and I wish the same once again,
To remember the good times and not get crippled with the pain!

I might sound morose and appear fallen from grace,
But how do I forget the sun kissed face?
How do I fill the gaping hole? This empty space?
How do I stop loving the sun kissed face?

Transformation Journey

Transformation Log – 21/04/2019

Another day has passed and this pain has reduced a little but to be honest, it will take more time. It’s not as easy as it sounds and I know it will take some more time. Some fears will never leave my side, I know this. But what I have to learn is to make them friends and learn to live with them because that’s what defines a person and not the other way around.

I don’t know how many read these posts daily but I want to write and create a sense of accountability that yes, I am trying my level best.

Physical Progress:

  • Another day. Another outdoor jog. This time I increased the distance. Have to push my limits.
Transformation Journey

Transformation Log – 19/04/2019

Another day beckoned me in this tormenting life. Negativity has become such an inseparable part of my life that even doing this transformation journey seems like a pain.

I was rejected for literally no fault of mine or so I’ve been told. I don’t know how life will progress from here. I am broken and confused and there is a small sense of motivation as well. But I don’t know who is losing this war. My motivation is actually wearing thin. I don’t know why is God testing me so much. I hope I am able to see the light of the day.

  • Ran another 2 kms. Need to push this number higher.
This journey is getting painful day by day. Is there hope?